Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kristian Bush - 1/14/15


I got to go to another K95.5 Girls Night Out For Change.  This time it was Kristian Bush from the group Sugarland.  I will admit that I’m not the biggest Sugarland fan out there.  I like a few songs but not one of my favorite voices to listen to.  Sorry Jennifer Nettles.  But I thought it would be neat to go listen to the lesser known voice and see how he was.

Now these events are free but you have to win an invite on the radio.  How did I win this time?  Well, let’s go back to Christmas Eve.  I knew they had started giving the invites away so I turned on the morning show on K95.5.  Jim Carey asked what guys still needed a Christmas present.  He was going to give invites away but they had to be a guy calling for his girl.  So I woke my husband up and told him to call.  He just looked at me like I was nuts but then again he knows how much I love this stuff so he did.  He got through and Merry Christmas to me I’m going to see Kristian Bush.  Thank you baby!

My friend Monica went with me again.  We got to The Vanguard in downtown Tulsa right about 7:00.  About 50 women had already shown up but they were all sitting down at the back of the room.  Um, I don’t sit down and wait for anyone.  I claim my spot as soon as I can.  And boy did we get some weird looks as we made our way up to the stage.  But I don’t care.  I get to pick my spot and be right up front where I want to be.

This is when we meet our new friends Ashley and Becky.  Ashley came up to us to tell us about the glares and stares we were getting and she was going to join us.  Hahahaha!  Nice to meet a fellow concert fanatic!  We found out that she was a huge Sugarland fan and had even been up on stage with them at a concert.  How cool is that?

2 of the DJs, Kristina Carlyle and Natalie Cash, came out to welcome us all there and to let us know that they were raising money for Iron Gate to help feed hungry children in Tulsa.  I think it’s a great idea!  I think they ended up with over $500 that night.  Way to go!  Natalie tossed some t-shirts out - girl’s got an arm!  But I never seem to catch any.  One of these days I will.

Kristian came out and automatically started talking with the crowd.  He asked who had heard of Sugarland and everyone yelled out.  Then he asked who had never heard of Sugarland.  One lady was it.  He said he was going to talk to her all night long!  He joked that although we may be fans we aren't really sure if he can sing….we just thought he was the guitar player.  He was very personable and very funny.

He opened with a couple new songs then he did his new single “Trailer Hitch”.  Towards the end of the song he said “I’m pretty sure Katy Perry is my spirit animal” and broke into “This Is How We Do”.  Too funny!!!  I think he and his brother Brandon, who was there playing keyboard, are the two happiest performers I have ever seen!  Huge smiles on their faces the entire time. 

In the middle of his set he did Sugarland’s “Baby Girl” and “Stuck Like Glue”.  He said for the last 10 years he has been trying to write songs for women from him but sung by a woman and now he gets to talk to us from a man’s perspective.  He also said one of my favorite quotes I have ever heard.  “Music should do 1 of 2 things – shake your hips or explode your heart.  If it doesn’t do that, turn that shit off!”  I love that so much!  He gets me!

Now remember that I said this is a room full of about 150 women.  He was very good to talk to the crowd all night asking several questions and pointing out those that aren't appearing to have a good time to try to make them smile or shake their hips a little.  Yet there was one lady who just didn't think he was paying enough attention to her.  We are going to call her “boobs”.  Cute little blonde with –you guessed it – big boobs.  At one point she decided to flop herself on the stage where the twins were almost completely out of her shirt.  Apparently that wasn't enough because later we hear from the crowd “We aren't getting any attention over here!”  Are you kidding me?  Then she followed it up with “We are used to getting attention!”  Did she really just say that?  You could feel that stares from 150 women who were about to beat her down.  Nothing happened, thank goodness, but we were waiting with anticipation to see if anything would.

And don’t you know there is always that one drunk girl who is flinging herself around dancing fast to the slow songs.  Yep, we had one of those right next to us.  I thought Ashley was going to get slapped in the face at some point.  But it was all good and everyone had a great time. 

Kristian closed with a song called “Southern Gravity” which I really liked and then Sugarland’s “All I Want To Do.”  He proved that he really could sing and I think he made a fan out of the one lady who had no idea who he was….and of course, me.

At each Girls Night Out everyone in the place gets to meet the artist so we waited our turn.  I let him know that I liked his version of “Stuck Like Glue” better and he gave me a huge bear hug.  He gives great hugs!  We chatted a little bit.  I really think that he and I could be good friends.  We could totally hang out.  He is really down to earth and humble.

So as we got in the car to leave I turned on the radio and what was on? “Trailer Hitch!”  Couldn't have planned that more perfectly!

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